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Cartoon Avatar Commission


Cartoon Avatar Commission


Have accounts on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and every other Web 2.0 site on the planet? Need a unique, consistent identity? Send me your photo and it'll be turned into a cartoon avatar by a real artist.

Customize & Order

What Will I Receive?

You'll get a high-resolution (400dpi) color avatar in .jpg format, which you can crop, resize and use however and wherever you like.


How Long Does It Take?

Please allow about 10 business days to complete your avatar.


Photo Tips

Please follow these guidelines when sending your photo.

  1. Color photos only
  2. Accepted file types are: jpg, png and gif
  3. Send the largest dimension possible (ie, a photo from your megapixel camera is better than a one-inch low-resolution postage stamp)
  4. Choose a photo with the appropriate profile (ie, if you want a side profile avatar, send a side profile photo. If you want a cartoon of the back of your head, send that)
  5. I can't invent anything. If you want your avatar to have a mohawk, submit a photo of you in a mohawk. 
  6. If the photo you supply isn't usable (i.e., too dark, blurry, not enough detail), I may ask for an alternative photo
  7. If you send multiple photos, please specify which one to use for the avatar pose


How Do I Get My Photo To You?

You can send your photos a couple ways:

  1. When you fill out your order form, you can paste a link to where I can find your photo(s). This could be a link to a Dropbox folder, Flickr or Facebook gallery. Just be sure it'll be obvious to me which photo to use.
  2. You can email them to me at andrew - at - 

Soon, I hope to have an upload form working to allow you to upload photos directly with your order. 


Can I See Some Examples?

Sure! Below are some of the avatars I've completed over the last few years.