2016 Illustrated Christmas Card March 4, 2017

Every year (or so), I try to do a custom-illustrated Christmas card for our family. This year, I wanted to do one in the style of the new Peanuts Movie.

I started with a background still from the movie showing a fall scene, and I recreated it as a winter scene, all painted in Photoshop. Then I drew myself, my wife and my daughter as Peanuts characters.

The inside of the card has a gradient background similar to that used on the movie posters, and Snoopy’s dog box, complete with Christmas lights.

Really happy with this one. Used a bunch of different brushes, including some from Kyle Webster. Sent them off to Vistaprint and hoping to get them delivered in a couple days!

The finished front of the card

The inside of the card


Isolated winter background I painted based on the movie reference (below)