I’m on the Githubs February 13, 2013

I figured I should be like the cool kids and get involved more in the dev community. I’ve written a bunch of PHP and JavaScript tools and widgets for myself and clients over the years, but never really offered much to the community. Sometimes there are legal reasons, but there’s still lots I could share.

I’d decided to create a Github account recently and was stumped as to what to fill it with. I decided to re-write a jQuery script I’d done a tutorial on back in 2007. It was just a simple little plugin to help with image rollovers, but is still my most viewed article to this day.

This new version is more streamlined and is object-oriented to keep it from colliding with any of your existing scripts. As plugins go, it’s really kinda dumb and simple, but it’s handy and it gets me started on Github.

Take a peek and feel free to rip it to shreds 🙂