Inktober 2015 October 2, 2015

This year, I’ll once again be participating in the art challenge known as “Inktober“. Basically, artists draw and post a pen-and-ink drawing every day throughout the month of October.

Many of these original pieces are still available in my art store.

Check out last year’s entries!

Last year, I got through every day, even a few days when I was out of town! They were all done on 6″x9″ bristol board, pre-printed with mine and the Inktober logos. They all went up on eBay starting at $3 and they all sold.

This year, I’m changing it up a bit. All pieces will be drawn on 5″x7″ illustration board. On the back will be affixed a label with the logos and my signature. This will give me more room for the actual art, and the heavier board will take things like ink washes better.

And this time around, every piece will go up in my store for a flat $10, plus shipping.

As I complete pieces, I’ll post them here, along with links to buy the originals. I’ll also try to capture as many as I can on video for my Youtube channel.

Feel free to cheer me on!

The Sketch List:

Oct. 1: Cereal Monsters | SOLD | Video
Oct. 2:IT | Video
Oct. 3: The Thing | Video
Oct. 4:Child’s Play | Video
Oct. 5: Hocus Pocus | Video
Oct. 6:The Babadook | Video
Oct. 7: Saw
Oct. 8: Jaws | SOLD
Oct. 9: Curse of the Were-Rabbit
Oct. 10: House on Haunted Hill
Oct. 11: Lost Boys
Oct. 12:Christine
Oct. 13: Great Pumpkin
Oct. 14:Something Wicked… | SOLD
Oct. 15: The Shining
Oct. 16:House
Oct. 17: The ‘Burbs
Oct. 18:Poltergeist
Oct. 19: Sleepy Hollow (Burton)
Oct. 20:Creepshow
Oct. 21:Haunted Honeymoon
Oct. 22: Wicked Witch of the West
Oct. 23:The Conjuring
Oct. 24: Aliens
Oct. 25:Nightmare on Elm Street
Oct. 26:Maximum Overdrive
Oct. 27:Sweeney Todd
Oct. 28:Pet Sematary
Oct. 29:Coraline
Oct. 30:Trick ‘r Treat
Oct. 31: Demon Knight