New Project Teaser October 10, 2012

For a while now, I’ve been hinting about a secret art project I’ve been working on. Unfortunately, even though I’ll be working on it a couple more months, I couldn’t get really specific. This has been kind of a bummer, because I haven’t (yet) been able to talk about the last project I finished. So it’s seemed as if I haven’t been doing anything at all, since I can’t post much publicly.

But now I can finally divulge a bit of a teaser about what I’m working on. I am an official sketch card artist for a new, unannounced, trading card set being produced by Cryptozoic Entertainment. These are the fine folks that recently came out with card sets for The Walking Dead and DC’s “New 52” comics. Actually, I first came to know of Cryptozoic from the great card and board games they’ve made, including games for Penny ArcadeDC ComicsThe Walking Dead and World of Warcraft.

I had made some inquiries to a few companies including Cryptozoic and Topps, sending them my portfolio of 60+ sketch cards I’ve done in the last couple years. Cryptozoic seemed to like them and said they’d consider me for an upcoming project. A month or two later, I was asked to be an artist on a new trading card set, and of course I said YES.

In this box are my blank sketch cards :)

In this box are my blank sketch cards 🙂

My commitment is 40 cards that I have to have submitted by December 7th, 2012. At first, this sounded like a long time. Now it sounds terrifyingly close. My other art commission, the day job and a long commute have all conspired to put me behind already, but I’m cranking away as fast as I can.

It could be months before I can officially reveal all the details of the project, but at least now I can say, in the vaguest terms, what I’m working on with Cryptozoic. I can’t divulge the property featured in the deck, but trust me, you’re familiar with it 🙂

Time to get back to drawing…

12/31/12 Update: I can finally reveal some details about this set!