On Introverts and Conferences


As web and/or app developers, they’re just something we do. It’s part of the job. The goal, of course, is to learn from industry experts about new tools and new ways to build cool things. We fill our brains with knowledge over a few days and head back to the office pumped and ready to change the world. And of course, there’s free food and booze.

Here we go again.
Here we go again.

For many, this is also a time to network, meet new colleagues and catch up with old ones. I’ve heard several devs express the feeling that even if the conference talks are so-so, the trip is worth it just to see everyone. For many of us, however, that’s not how it goes.

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CSS Sprite Generation with Gulp

GulpWe’ve probably all been using CSS sprites for some time now. But I’d wager a lot of developers are still doing them by hand, and incurring a lot of needless management overhead.

I’ve recently started generating all my sprite sheets automatically using the popular task runner, Gulp.

Over on the Big Nerd Ranch blog, I just posted the first of a two-part tutorial on getting this workflow up and running.

Check it out! Part two will be up soon.

2014 Roadmap Revisited

Over the last couple years, I’ve started the New Year off by writing what I call my “roadmap” for the next twelve months. It’s not set in stone, and isn’t a “resolution”, but a list of guide markers to help keep me on track. Here’s my entry for 2014.

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