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| 4 min read

New Year. New Decade. New Blog.

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Hoping 2020 is the year I get back into blogging. I've stripped my previous site down to the bare bones, so let's go.

| 7 min read

On Introverts and Conferences

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Conferences are a natural part of being a developer these days. But for introverts, it’s anything but a vacation.

| 3 min read

My Reads of 2017

Posted in Books

In the last couple years, I’ve made a conscious effort to become a more consistent reader. With everything that’s going on, both personally and in the world today, I’ve learned you just have to find a quiet spot with a hot beverage, good lighting, maybe a dog, and sit and read.

| 1 min read

Some Inspiring Words On Art

Posted in Art

Every now and then, all us artists need a pep talk. Okay, some of us need one almost daily, but I digress. I thought I'd share a video from someone I greatly admire on the subject of art.